User Friendly

Complete control using manual switches, remotes, timers, tablets, mobiles or voice. The way you like it.


An App made for you, available for iOS, Android and Windows on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Professionally Fitted

Our engineers work closely with you to create a smart home solution that fits your unique requirements.

Continued Support

After an install you won’t be left in the dark as we offer continued support and advice.

All devices finally living happily together, all controllable through one App, built especially for you!

Thousands of products supported from brands big and small including Amazon, Apple, Google, Nest, Philips, Samsung and Yale.

Control: Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

Nifty Ideas Nifty Integrations

Set the Mood

With one command from your Smartphone, TV remote, voice or a button…

Turn off all spotlights

Set coloured lights to pink

Set the temperature to cosy

Set volume to desired level



Movies & TV

On demand, where you demand, on any device, home and away.

In any or every room

Integrated into any speaker system

Parental controls

Content available on the move

TV, Projector, Tablet, Mobile



Play any album or radio station in any or all rooms on any device or sound system.

In any or every room

From any streaming service

From your own collection

From any radio station

Playable on any speaker system


Secure your home

Securing a property is nothing new but fortunately we now live in an era where an alarm does not have to annoy the neighbours.

Alarm alerts on your mobile

Lock/unlock your house remotely

Integrate with other smart devices

Camera feeds to your mobile

Simulate being at home

Know who is at your door/home

Nifty Security

30% off Electricity


10% off Gas



1 - 2 Bedrooms

average saving per year


2 - 3 Bedrooms

average saving per year


5+ Bedrooms

average saving per year

Protect your loved ones with Nifty

Protect those you love

We all worry about our parents as they get older, often questioning their safety at home. There is un-intrusive technology available that can help monitor and more importantly protect them.

Are they warm enough?

Have they taken their medication?

Who is at their door?

Is home help ``helping``?

Where are they?

Do they require full time care?

Nifty Protection

Want a Nifty place?

The Process
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