October 2018

Light bulbs with augmented reality lines and icons around them, showing them connected to the digital world as well as the real one

Why did I become an Electrician?   This post is going to be a wee one. I passed 4 City and Guilds exams to become a fully qualified domestic electrician in February this year. While we don’t need an electrician to do all of our installs, a lot of the Nifty backbone works best when it is installed within the electrical network of the house. It becomes...

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Grass with a water sprinkler going and water being sprayed

This month it was Curtis' turn to travel down to the West country and work from down here. We are looking into managing my garden, some kitchen toys and of course adding more IoT functionality to the house.   One of my bug bears has been the lack of decent controls for a garden. I know that Hozelock produces their standard controller which is robust but is...

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