An automated swimming pool: Part 1

Categories: CompanyPublished On: December 6th, 2018

The Problem

This will be the first of a few blogs about the work we have done on removing some of the pain of owning and looking after a pool.

So first up, what are the pain points in owning a pool:

  • Running the pumps to keep the water moving
  • Running the cleaning system to keep the pool clean and bug free
  • Running the heating to keep the pool warm
  • Maintaining a temperature
  • Putting in the chemicals to keep out the algae and other green things

And all of these add up to cost. So how do we do the above and try to keep the costs down?

The Solution

The simplest way to do this is to:


  1. Run powered items as often as is needed and not more
  2. a) So run the pumps when required but not otherwise
    b) Run the heating (the most expensive thing) when needed


  1. a) Make sure the pumps and filters are working and moving/filtering the water
    b) Make sure the chemical mix is correct and working for the Ph value of the water to prevent algae blooms


  1. Ensure you can control the pool equipment when you are not at home (stops problems occurring if you go away)

How can Nifty help here?

Let’s start with what we cannot do at the moment, we cannot drop the chemicals in the pool for you nor take the Ph test and analyse that. But what we can do is, control all the physical hardware, set up programs to automate functionality and give you remote access and control.

What have we actually done?

We have set up a pool room, in which we cover off the following:

1. Control the Boiler, UV filter system, Pump and Pool room heating

2. Installed a camera to monitor the system

3. Set up programmes to automate where possible different scenarios

4. Set up prevention systems to stop the room freezing and damaging equipment

The result

It has saved the owner money, no longer are different components left running for days at a time because they were not there to control them.

Prevented Algae blooms and hygiene problems by enabling the owners to see what is on and what is off and to run remotely, programmes to help keep the pool clean.

In part 2, we look at what technology we used to do this and the work carried out by the Nifty brain™.



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