Christmas and the Sales

Categories: CompanyPublished On: December 29th, 2018

The Problem

In this instance there really isn’t one, we just wanted to put some Christmas advice out there for when you buy presents.

The Solution

Well it’s a pretty personal decision and everyone has opinions and in many cases very set products they want rather than a category. So it’s been a pretty mad Christmas for technology and the home, we’ve given Alexa, Google Home, Ring, Hue and all sorts of fun and small IoT stuff to friends and family. In turn we have received various toys and bits of kit to further automate our houses.

I know that Alexa had a few issues over Christmas with all the new bits of kit being added, we had a fair few fun times, adding new hardware, new routines and training up relatives on how to use them.

Looking back on this, I think the biggest learnings we had on adding lots of often small or bolt on IoT items were:

  1. Time – it always takes more time than you think and trying to do this.
  2. Choose your time wisely – Don’t do it post Christmas lunch or when people decide they want to watch a movie and have fun with the lights
  3. Choose your integrations – Make sure what you are doing won’t crash your existing routines, it’s painful adding more then having to completely re do your routines
  4. Choose your hardware carefully – Sometimes it just won’t integrate easily with your existing network
  5. Have a technical friend on call – For when the fuse board decides to play up or Google really won’t recognise your new toy
  6. Seriously – Leave it until everyone has left the house and Christmas and the New year are over.

With all that hard earned experience on hand, we thought we would offer a New Years sale to everyone who wants a little or a lot of help. So if you are stuck bringing your IoT to life or your smart home has become significantly less smart, then contact us and for a limited time we will offer our ‘Smart home integration’ package for 30% off.



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