Categories: CompanyPublished On: March 22nd, 2016

The Problem

Setting up a smart home can seem complex, what standards to follow, does it work with my boiler, how do I stop myself being filmed, how do install it in a socket?

Do these all work together or will I need to have a separate app and hub for each product?

The Solution

Nifty can help with all this, saving you money, time and effort.

We offer a consulting service that will help you:

  • Understand what you want to do now and in the future
  • Specify the platform and hardware that you will need to achieve this and to build for the future
  • Estimate the savings you can make (if relevant)
  • Help increase the resalability of your house
  • Create tailored advice that is utterly bespoke to you.

How does this work?

  1. Your consultation will begin with a call to discuss your project in more detail and a simple questionnaire to help prepare our consultant for the 1st meeting
  2. During their home visit your Nifty consultant will listen to what you want to do now and in the future and how you use your house and its rooms
  3. Next, we will look at the physical layout of your house, noting the location of the boiler, doors, plug sockets etc. To ensure we have a good understanding of the physical layout we will work with
  4. We will discuss the different technologies available as well as their aesthetics, to help define solution that is unique to you and true to your home and lifestyle
  5. Once we have completed our visit, Nifty will send you a tailored specification document with our recommended hardware, systems and installation. Should you choose to use Nifty to carry out the project, we will take the cost of the consultation out of the overall cost
  6. You might have work being carried out with builders or electricians that we can piggyback onto. If so we are happy to liaise with them and to share any relevant information.



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