Eliminate Stress and Worry

Categories: CompanyPublished On: November 21st, 2019

The Problem

How to eliminate low level stress and worry, how can Nifty help make your life just a little bit better?

The Solution

Of the many physical things the Nifty Brain® can do for you, the one area we haven’t written about is an emotional one, the removal of low level worry and stress. No, we’re not saying that Nifty is now selling herbal remedies and cosmic karmic solutions but that what we install can help make life easier and calmer…

Children and partners constantly leaving the bathroom, hall or any light on? Fixed, one Nifty voice command and all is solved. No more being irritated.

Worried about the costs of running the appliances in your house? Wanting to see where you can save money? The Nifty Sense report tells you all you need to know to make sensible choices. Saving you money.

Hosting a party? Want it to be incredible and different? Worried how to do that, what to do even? The Nifty platform pulls together all your smart devices and can help you have an incredible party. The lighting and music are sorted, 2 less things to worry about.

Going away on holiday, worried about the house, the cats, have you turned the gas off? The Nifty brain® enables you to see what’s happening, check on the cats, set a smart light routine and remotely turn off the gas. Holiday nerves? Sorted.

The Nifty Brain® is not about the hardware and not just about making so many aspects of your life better and easier but in so doing it helps cut out low level stress and irritants, hopefully making it easier for you to relax and be happy.

This fits in with our philosophy of building a smart home that works for the client at the speed and budget that the client sets. Nifty has always believed that our solutions should work for you and make your life easier and happier, not that you should have to change your life in order to work with the technology.



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