Frustration, that’s why we exist

Categories: CompanyPublished On: January 23rd, 2018

The Problem

This is not an existential question on the meaning of life or the reason for humanity, though clearly the only possible answer is 42 .
Now we’ve put that to bed, why is Nifty here?

The Solution

For years, at different ends of the country, Curtis and I have installed, played with, exploded in frustration with, a huge amount of home automation gadgets and software. Some worked well, others were ahead of their time (so worked terribly) and yet more just didn’t do what was advertised. In fact nearly everything almost worked or didn’t work as sold and integrating them all, well no matter what the review sites said or the manufacturers wrote, that didn’t work at all.

We then looked at the bespoke systems, ones where a single manufacturer would deliver your whole home automation or support products. There we found one answer and a multitude of issues.

So the good was that it all worked together, exactly as promised. The bad really fell into three sections:

  • Price – These systems tend to be extremely expensive and aimed at the upper end of the market, with few or limited offerings for the middle and lower end of the price spectrum.
  • Bespoke and locked down – To make it all work together, the system is often a customised, locked system. As a result you are limited to what you can add or do by what the company concerned chooses to add or build. More risky is that if they go bust or decide not to support a product any more, then your expensive, bespoke home automation system is worthless
  • Design & product – You were stuck with what they felt was the best design. Sometimes they designed a good looking product, other times it was sourced on the open market and then re-badged. Either way, you were limited to what that company chose.

None of this really addressed our desire to:

  • Save money – not spend a fortune on overpriced, locked down kit
  • Choose what we wanted – Decide what we liked, what we needed and then use that
  • Future proof it – As much as possible we wanted to have a system that didn’t die just because 1 company decided to stop supporting the product.

So we sat down and over a several days, meals and drinks we came up with Nifty, a company (well an idea) and philosophy that we would create. One that enabled people to have integrated the products they choose, doing what was promised to deliver what they want.

After all when light bulbs can cost upwards of £35 and a plug a similar sum and a single camera can cost over £300 it can get become very expensive very quickly, so making sure it works well and together is critical.

But as importantly, is knowing what you need to buy in order to do what you want. At Nifty, we also help you understand what the technology is, what it does and what you will need to install to actually do what you want. We don’t want you to waste money buying stuff you don’t need.

Everyone deserves a Nifty life….

Why do we exist? Nifty not Humanity

  • So many different hardware offerings out there, many do not work easily with each other
  • Why should you be tied into one provider (say all amazon, all google etc.) when there are so many offerings
  • Platform independent – so we can play with anything
  • Artist – really want tech to make my life better but not be ugly nor change me
  • Its confusing – What do I really want? What can I actually do? Need to understand more, we know how hard it is
  • It’s expensive – With light bulbs costing £40 or more and a single switch costing over £40 it is easy to spend far too much money too quickly and not get what you want. Which is why we are here….



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