Nifty is on houzz

Categories: CompanyPublished On: October 10th, 2019

The Problem

Are you on Houzz? Do you have any projects to share?

The Solution

We are….

Houzz, has been an interesting experience for us.We decided to work with Houzz as we believe it is a great platform for us to communicate with a marketplace that is interested in building work and may already have projects in mind that need to be quoted on. It is also one that enabled us to really geo locate our limited marketing spend to focus on our area’s that we can cover easily at this stage. With that in mind we became a premium partner on Houzz and have started to feature in various formats. And it was at this time, that we realised we had been a little too quick to sign up.



We have lots of them, we take loads during our work and of our projects, they help us design what we do, remember how we did work and view a transformation. However they are not as beautiful as we need for Houzz, we’ve noticed that most images on Houzz are as much about art as they are about the physical transformation.

This led to our next problem: Information

It is a tad tricky to take an artistic photo of an automated home and show how it integrates into a smart system, when everything actually should happen out of sight. Hence more photo’s of glowing lights, iPad screens and light switches

And finally reviews

We have had several really good reviews and some comments but they have all been spoken directly to us or sent to us as an email. To add reviews on houzz we need to go back to our clients and ask them to write them up again but this time on Houzz and only once they receive an invite from us asking them to do this.

Not a big deal but for some clients a little bit painful. For the future, we will do this part automatically.

Having said all that, we are stoked to be on Houzz and do see it forming a core part of our marketing and information sharing now and in the future. Check out our page: ……… and watch as it evolves and becomes a work of art!



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