Novation and other kit we play with

Categories: CompanyPublished On: November 14th, 2018

The Problem

Life is too short not to try out new tech and I love music. What I wanted to do was learn some new skills, experiment with new sounds and take my mind of work. All of that took me on a little adventure.

The Solution

So last week my new music kit (toys, according to my wife) arrived, a Roland TR8, a Novation launch pad pro and a Novation control XL these are incredible bits of kit that allow me to create music using pretty much any instrument, sound or rhythm.

And because I can play all this over my headphones, I don’t get banished to the garage or to the kid’s shed (more on that later) I’ve built. This side of life is so important for me, to deliver our software and hardware solutions, I have to focus and have a real eye for detail. Hours of coding and tinkering to make sure it all works, can take over your life. So being able to step away and make music (even if my business partner Nick is not so sure that it can be called that) brings me back to a semblance of normality.

What I use is still high tech but it frees my mind and relaxes me and as importantly I think reminds me that technology should be there to make things better and to look good. There is no excuse that form and function shouldn’t combine in something attractive.

Though Nick thinks more about his stomach and has more kitchen gadgets and garden tools than you can shake a stick at. In fact some of those will lead to a blog post on controlling your garden watering system. Sometime he will also look into how he can control more of his kitchen gadgets and more importantly, whether it actually makes any sense to do so. Apart from the fun of spooking his mother or wife when they come down to make the tea.

But enough of this, I’m off to persuade family and friends that this is the music they have been missing.

The result

I have new toys but more importantly I learned a load of new skills and found a reason to stop work and take some downtime. On a more serious note, I found programming and making music to be similar, detail is needed and after a while you get into a rhythm and spot problems before they happen. So in many ways making music and writing code are almost identical skill sets, so while I am relaxing I am also learning and refining my skills.



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