Our Covid-19 2020 year

Categories: CompanyPublished On: January 18th, 2021

The Problem

Covid19, we know that it’s been harder for many but it impacted our business and this is an update on what we took from this time.

It has been an interesting year for us all and we hope that you and your family have come through it safely. From a business perspective it has been a hard one for everyone and we have seen our major projects pushed back into 2021. The upside, we hope, is that 2021 could be a break-out year for us.

The Solution

But despite one of us spending as much time smoking meat and taking the chance to do anything but Nifty work, we have taken the time offered to carry out some interesting and much needed work.

The quiet and less visible stuff. We have been working on the code, optimising, refining and improving. It now integrates with more products, has remote backup and enhanced stability. Even better for our coders at least, the code is smaller, more efficient and easier to use and update.

For the end user, the system will be quicker to install, lighter on the network meaning faster to react and easier to add on other items. As importantly our security has increased and one of our new solutions is to use a reverse proxy through VPN to update the Nifty™ brain.

We have done a few installs, one in an office for a Liverpool based developer showing off their apartments and helping them manage their office and keeping it as energy efficient as possible. And finally, a new walkthrough demonstrating an install at a new development that shows off all of our system. This will be available online soon and I am sure a new post will link to it.

Here’s to a vaccinated and happier 2021

Update – End of 2021

Well we made it through all that, thankfully safely. The time out gave us time to do all the work we wanted to catch up on but it also meant we could sort out new homes, play with the latest technology and meet with Developers and Builders about integrating into their projects. So here’s to a brand new 2022, new horizons, new clients and a new home.



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