Our first trademark

Categories: CompanyPublished On: April 30th, 2019

The Problem

How can we protect our intellectual work and our branding? But also define in the world a product that exists virtually?

A few months ago, we decided to trademark our ‘Nifty brain, we had put a lot of work into the development of our ‘Nifty brain’. Working to integrate the Openhab base software with what we wanted to offer as a company, what people wanted and what the hardware we all used could do.

This multi-year project had finally created a stable, clever and hard-working brain for our network. One that was very much nothing like Nicholas’ brain! All this hard work had meant that we could do more and more with existing technology and could deliver to our clients what they wanted and better than that, what they didn’t know they could have.

With all that in mind, we thought we would celebrate this work and trademark our very own brain! Eat your heart out Frankenstein, Nifty is here. We applied to the Intellectual property office in the UK for the trademark and waited to see what would happen. A very helpful chap from the office responded quickly to our queries and then it really was a matter of waiting.

The Solution

The result


And with that, Nifty owned the trademark Nifty Brain.

So now when we write up our website, send out information we use the awesome Nifty Brain® in it. On a serious note, we think it shows that we are serious about what we do and how we do it. A brain to pull smart home devices together, be they from Amazon, Apple, Google or anyone else. Without the Nifty Brain® we couldn’t deliver to our friends, family and clients the solution we do.

And finally, in some ways, being awarded the Nifty Brain® was a validation of 2 years hard work getting the brain to work, learning to be an electrician and integrating more kit than we had seen before. In applying for the Trademark we felt that we had finally got to where we needed to be. Now for our next one.

Each of these is a simple concern, easily remedied by a visit or a call but if I can’t make it, how do I ensure that all is ok? Technology can help with each of these but often at the cost of requiring you to have umpteen apps, expensive subscriptions and forcing your parents to learn complex new technology or skills.



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