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Categories: CompanyPublished On: October 3rd, 2019

The Problem

We’ve never had any brochures before and suddenly people are asking for them, so what can we do but create one.

The Solution

Print, print and then share them.

So this is just a small one but we have just had our new brochure back from the printers and we are fairly chuffed with them.

They were tricky to design and write for, as we wanted to help people understand what they can do with a smart home and to see how much more they can get out of their house, with a little work. The idea was to condense a lot of our site and answers to questions people have asked us, into a document that people would find interesting and worth keeping.

With that in mind, we had a few design choices to make:

a. How big to make the brochure? We wanted it to have a lot of information in it but not too much, be bigger than pocket sized but fit nicely in a drawer.

b. Weight. We needed it to feel weighty so that it would be kept and not binned but not so weighty that it cost a fortune to make.

c. Text and images. How much text? There was a lot of information we needed to get out there but at the same time, it’s critical that people can just dip in and out of it as they want. Images speak a thousand words and we tried to use them as and where possible

d. Who were the target audience? This was possibly the hardest, some of the feedback we have had is that our site is too word heavy, with lots of awesome information but not enough on our actual product.

Then there were the art questions, the discussions over the points made and the persuading of friends and family to read and comment on it. So in the best tradition of authors everywhere, any mistakes are ours and all the good stuff is refined from friends, family and fools.

Check it out here:



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