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Categories: CompanyPublished On: March 14th, 2022

The Problem

Our website was outdated and no longer let people know what we did and how we worked. It lacked visual appeal and didn’t truly reflect what we could now do.

The Solution

We set about redesigning the site, to focus less on brands and more on the benefits of the technology and how we can integrate this into your life. The site contains a number of new sections and the original content from the blogs. One new area is the  ‘Developer‘ section.

The ‘Developer‘ section provides an overview of the benefits to the developers we work with and how what we do can integrate effectively into their plans and the benefits it brings to their customers.

The site contains several new sections focusing on the benefits of the Nifty solution. These include

and more. The idea is to provide a more in-depth and visual understanding of what the solution does and how it can help in everyday life.

From a design POV the site contains less text and more images, icons and scenes that should help explain the solution.

We redesigned the blog, ideas and projects section. Here we merged several ideas and rewrote projects to give a much more uniform look and feel, hopefully helping people to see the clear benefits of different ideas and the projects we have carried out. All of our old blog posts still exist and there are several new ones that will all be launched over the coming weeks.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us on by clicking here.



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