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Categories: CompanyPublished On: November 4th, 2018

The Problem

Now that our site is up and running and we have a few customers to focus on, we thought we would post a little more on a few social media sites and create/curate new content. So here is an update on where we are and what’s on them

The Solution


This is an awesome app for reading the news and social media. There are a ton of magazines to subscribe to that pull in news and articles from around the world. We curate a magazine called ‘Home-E’.

In it we post articles we’ve found from around the world on Home automation and technology. So it is not just our thoughts but those from companies, news sites and others. So far we have posted over 260 articles in it.


What can I say but that we tweet. We have only just started and are trying to keep it sensible and focused on what we do, so feel free to follow, reach out to us or just stalk us..

You Tube

We have been filming a lot of work and thoughts recently and our You tube channel has opened, we’ll posting new content weekly.

The video’s will fall into 3 categories, unboxing of new products, Our thoughts on a particular device or category and finally, installation videos and what happened whilst we installed a device.

If you want to request a specific video or content item please contact us


So this is a new one to us but we want to use this to show some of our work and what we do as we work more on Houzz we will add what we can. Got a question, this is another place to ask us. We will be posting most of our projects to this site, so check it out, it’s a great, focused place for people to look at what we can do and what others are doing around the world.


What site wouldn’t be complete without a little Facebook page? Want to engage with us, come here, read some of our blog posts and see live photos of jobs and whatever we have going on. Though at the moment we are not using it a lot as we have work on and too much social media takes a lot of time.


This is one for you, if we work on a project with you, please come here and review us, good or bad it helps us grow.



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