Securing your home

Categories: CompanyPublished On: June 2nd, 2016

The Problem

How do we secure a home?

It’s not about having an alarm that no one responds to, except to complain when it goes off, nor is it about cameras and electric door locks and sensors that tell you when the house is too hot and someone might be there.

Securing your home is about giving you the ability to choose, what to protect, how to protect it and when to protect it.

The Solution

The Nifty platform and our experienced consultants give you the power to do all of this, to start small, to add new technology as it appears and to take out stuff you no longer use. We do not tell you what you must protect, nor what you must use, we listen, we learn and then based on your needs, we recommend a solution, one that grows and shrinks with your needs. One that is not tied to any hardware or software platform but simply tied to your requirements.

How are we different?

It’s easy to say that we listen but that’s what we do.  We are an open source platform, we integrate a huge number of security systems be they, cameras, locks, motion sensors, intercoms or an alarm system. We don’t sell you the hardware we have because we don’t have any. We believe in empowering you to choose what works best for you. Sure we can buy it for you, install it and manage it but if you want to buy it, then go ahead. We don’t sell you what we have, we source what you need.

Enough of the chat…

Security means different things to different people and often different things depending on the time of day, year or stage of your life. Nifty is here to support you throughout. Our platform is designed to work with what you need.

Day Zero

I would like a digital lock, so I can share keys with family without worrying they will lose them and I’d like a camera at the back because I’m sure the neighbours cat is using my garden as a loo….

Having talked with you about budget and why you want the camera and the digital lock, we would recommend a couple of solutions, designed to give you peace of mind.

We’ve just had a baby, so we would like an internal camera and baby monitor and perhaps a couple of temperature sensors. It’s not about our safety, it is about securing our child’s health.

Five years later

I keep forgetting to turn the gas off when we leave on holiday and recently we’ve had a lot of cold callers.

It’s simple, let’s replace the front lock with an intercom system. Jasmine can then have her friends round, I can see who is at the door and not rush round from the garden to simply say no to another cold caller.  And finally an end to family arguments about turning off the gas.

Ok, I hear you ask, show me some brands, who can you work with:

Camera – Nest, Foscam, iSmartAlarm, Yale
Locks – Yale
Sensors – Fibaro, Aeotec, Samsung
Intercom – Ring

Security, it’s what you want, how you want it. Not how companies who need to sell you their expensive, bespoke solution want it to be.

Nifty, securing you, your own way.



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