Smart homes, not for footballers or bankers

Categories: CompanyPublished On: May 4th, 2017

The Problem

The thought that Smart homes are not for  me, they are too expensive and really for the rich and footballers.

The Solution

Sure if you want a Crestron, Control4 or Savant system, then you had better be prepared to pay for it, perhaps not a footballer but certainly not for most us. And that’s good, these guys have led the way for years, creating bespoke, high priced, closed systems for those who can afford it. But like all technology, along came companies who saw high priced, bespoke systems as a soft target, something that should be available to all, if only the technology and pricing was there.

And so open standards came about, Z wave, Zigbee and others, all enabling consumer focused companies (Netgear, Yale and others) to bring their take on the smart home to the consumer. Suddenly we could all have the digital locks on our doors, the high tech CCTV and the light switches that we can control from our phones. We went from having nothing, to being flooded with choices and like all choices, there are good, bad and ugly ones. So how can nifty help?

We listen

You’ve read reviews, a mate has got the Philips hue lighting system, another has Nest and yet another (3 friends..) has two plugs that she can control from her phone. The really technology minded has seen articles on how hard it is to pull it all together, that some hubs work well for a bit and others don’t even start. So your stuck, you’ve got a light you can control and an app. that does your water. What you really want though, is to ‘Netflix and chill’ with mood lighting,  a warm room and your TV turning on. Nifty, is here to help make that happen.

Nifty is obsessed, we read everything, try out the latest gear and then experiment on our friends, we’ve got big houses, small houses, old houses and new, wired up and working. Well, some of them might have taken time to get working but hey without that pain, we would not be able to sit down with you and say, ‘No need for your high end footballer system’. We’ll find out what you want to do now and maybe in the future, then show you how to do it.

It really is that simple. We listen, we demonstrate and we play. We take our open platform and give you a scalable system that brings your home to life. No need to fit everything in at once or to buy from one company, choose a Yale lock, a Hive thermostat and a Hue light bulb. Choose what you want, not what some company has to sell you. Nifty doesn’t make anything, so we are free to talk with you about making your home smart, your way.



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