Developers increase their smart margins

Categories: CompanyPublished On: March 12th, 2017

The Problem

How do Smart homes help developers?

The Solution

With the economy and a need for rapid house building, new homes are increasingly built to a cookie cutter template, with standardised fittings, exterior looks and aggressive pricing. One way to stand out is to enable the new home owner with the 3 C’s.

  • Control
  • Customise
  • Cost save

By building in smart home components at the start, the developer can quickly, efficiently and cheaply add incremental value, unique solutions and enhance the attractiveness of their homes.

With standardised components covering the entirety of a home now from security, to lighting, to heating and entertainment it is possible to provide a smart home solution for every level of house, from social housing to executive homes and bespoke properties.

The Nifty platform enables developers to offer costed solutions that allow the new owners to create what they want rather than what the developer has given them. This ability to customise their own home without physically having to repaint, buy new furniture or fittings means that buyers will be more attracted to that property, especially if budgets are tight after having bought the house. This perceived value will allow a developer to hold their sales price steady or even enhance it significantly over the actual cost of the components used. Furthermore, the developer can point out that when the buyer comes to sell the property they will be able to enhance the value of the sale through the smart home components.

Cost sensitive platform

When building the house, enable X number of sockets, light switches within the property with Smart home components. Each room will then contain the ability to control the lights and plugged in units for the user. Demonstration homes can then demonstrate:


  • Ability to control what appliances do
  • Ability to control what people do with appliances

Cost saving

  • Ability to turn off lights and appliances (TVs etc) remotely from a phone or via voice/li>
  • Ability to control heating appliances or thermostats via geolocation or the app.


  • Choose light colour settings
  • Integrate a light scene with heating and turning on the TV, so you can relax and watch a movie in a cool colour setting

Enhanced platform

Houses with increased smart home budgets can have additional components built in to provide further benefits. These might include:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Thermostats
  • Radiator valves
  • Motion detectors
  • Smart locks
  • Music and TV systems

The list of additional components that Nifty supports pretty much covers every aspect of the home with only the budget and target audience for the developer limiting what is offered.

The Nifty platform allows the initial developer to offer as much as their target market requires but in so doing enables the developer to offer direct to the customer customisation (i.e. let them select additional items to be installed) or to let their customers know they can add further items at a later date because the backbone is already built in.

By offering  this customisable, upgradable solution to their future owners, developers can provide a unique (every owner will be able to create their solution,) powerful differentiator that will help drive sales.



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