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Categories: CompanyPublished On: February 11th, 2021

The Problem

What does a Nifty™ house deliver to the user, why would they want one?

The Solution

In our last Blog post we referenced our newest Animation ‘Liverpool Waters flat demo.’ This is a rendering and enhancement of our latest work. We have installed a system in a flat in the ‘Park Central, Liverpool.’

With the walkthrough we wanted to give people a detailed understanding of what Nifty™ can do, how easy it is to use and most importantly, how simple it is to integrate into your life and the impact it can then have on it.

Nifty™ impacts

  • Fun (Movie scenes, Romantic lighting, Mellow moments)
  • Life is easier (everything can be controlled using voice, app. or a single switch)
  • Customisable (works with over 10,000 products, Alexa, Google, Apple)
  • Environmental (see power use, when, how much, never leave lights on unattended)
  • Savings (Only use the power you need to live your life, no wasted spend)
  • Safer (integrate your system into the alarm)

Because the system integrates with over 10,000 products and uses existing infrastructure (i.e. plug sockets, light switches) there is minimal impact in installation (we do not have to run massive cables, nor take up your wifi) and we can keep the costs low and sensible. We have spent years working to bring the costs down, the quality up and to make Nifty™ a solution that works for anyone.



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