Why have we introduced packages?

Categories: CompanyPublished On: February 7th, 2019

The Problem

How to show that the Nifty solution is for everyone and not just for the 1%?

The Solution

Because many of our site visitors asked for them. The feedback on the site, was that it was great for giving people idea’s and explaining what can be done with z-wave and IoT enabled kit but less good at costs. We also found that our visitors liked being able to go away and choose the hardware they liked based on what we had said but then didn’t always feel they understood the cost of installation and getting it to work well.

So we thought, why not put a set of packages together and hopefully help people understand what they want.

Our first one, ‘Smart home integration’ came about because both of us didn’t use all the functions we had with our new hardware and our families certainly didn’t. This was because we all got bored with everything not quite working long before we sorted out the Alexa commands and the Google home protocols.

We then asked our friends and a few clients what they ended up using their smart new IoT hardware for (Alexa, Google and Apple) and mostly it was as an alarm clock or light controller and music controller. Rarely was it for any more advanced or useful functions. So we took a time out and went over to set up these functions and show what you could really do with Alexa and the rest. Then a few more people asked us to do this for them and so our ‘Smart home integration’ package was borne.

The other three, really were an attempt to help people understand what it would cost to set up a standard or larger home both in terms of hardware, labour and software. People still have the flexibility of choosing their own hardware (and sourcing it if they like) but now have a better understanding of what a ‘standard’ system might cost and what they should budget.

We are always open for a chat and to discuss projects, which is why we offer a bespoke solution as well. So please drop us a line…


And since we have been offering packages, we have decided to remove them! Well remove is the wrong word, more like amend them. As we have worked with more clients and more technology, we have evolved, much like our software. We realised that we needed to be less about the hardware used and much more about what people wanted to achieve. With that change, packages did not really work any more, we spend more time working with people to understand their needs and less on the specific hardware. The Nifty life is about what you want, not what hardware is in place. So packages became obsolete and understanding became the name of the game.



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