Why is the backbone important?

Categories: CompanyPublished On: March 3rd, 2018

The Problem

Why do Nifty™ talk about a backbone all the time in their documents and what does it do?

The Solution

Like the human body, the backbone of your house network is one of the most critical parts of your house. It enables everything to talk with each other, lights to come on at the correct time, locks to unlock and to be there when you want to add something new. A badly installed or one that is too small for the house and your requirements, will stop you doing what you want, where you want.

At Nifty, we take the time to work with you both on what you would like to do now and in the future. We recommend spending a little more on the backbone of your house up front, so that you can add in a wider range of devices, in more locations, knowing that they will work.

How do we do this?

We firstly ask you about your property (is it a flat or a house? How many rooms? Etc.) we have a simple form that can be completed and you can select from a range of standard templates we have. Based on this information, we can then design in the nifty backbone, ensuring that we have the standard coverage you might need.  This 1st stage is critical as it ensures that the nifty backbone will cover your property as required now and in the foreseeable future.

Then, we talk about what you would like to do and if you had any specific requirements (either product or needs.) With this we can prepare the 2nd part of your plan, the purchase and installation of the kit that will deliver what you have asked for.

By spending this time up front with you, we can ensure the backbone is robust and able to deliver immediately the support your home automation needs and is capable of supporting any foreseeable future demands.

By spending the time up front getting to know your property details and your requirements, we can then design and build a back bone that will support you and what you want. Leaving you safe in the knowledge that what you have built can expand as you need it to. It’s a nifty backbone



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