Making developments smarter, greener

Nifty aims to provide a zero impact smart system installation for developers, bringing benefits to you and your clients.


Nifty helps developers stand out from the crowd, bringing customised, powerful home automation to everyone.


Developments with Nifty solutions installed maintain a higher floor price and offer broader pricing options.


Nifty smart home technology brings unique advantages and ensures that developments can be sold quicker.


With Nifty’s zero disruption and technology working with developers, margins can be increased.

Nifty, utilises a control unit (the Nifty Brain™) and sensors installed within existing wall furniture (i.e. switches) to provide a smart home solution.

core components

The most popular smart elements that clients ask for.

Dimmable/Non-dimmable, LED/Traditional

Combi, Electric & Underfloor

Plugs to control stand alone devices (i.e. lamps, kettles)

Automated Window furnishings (Blinds & Curtains)

Coloured strips/smart bulbs

Integrated thermostats & water controllers


Use a switch, your voice, the app to control your lights.

Lots of options..

Sometimes it is just easier to press a switch. Smart homes, make life easier, there should always be a switch.


Providing the raw information the Nifty Brain™ needs to make a home smart, safe and fun.

  • Energy

  • Temperature

  • Energy

  • Temperature

  • Motion

  • Contact

  • Motion

  • Contact

  • Water Leak

  • Gas Leak

  • Water Leak

  • Gas Leak

  • Smoke & CO2

  • Light Level

  • Light Level

  • Smoke & CO2

Nifty Backbone™

The infrastructure, hidden inside lights switches & control units.

  • Works without Wifi

  • Reliable

  • Low impact

  • Strong network

Install Requirements

Nifty sits with the designers from the start to plan in the install.

  • Design in

  • Deep Backboxes

  • Standard Electrical cabling

  • Neutral preferred in light switches

Why chose Nifty?

The future, now with minimal fuss and maximum benefit.

  • Zero disruption

  • Cost effective

  • We install & maintain

  • 2 years support & warranty


Off Plan

The best option, ensuring minimal fuss and the lowest cost.


Retro Fit

Slightly more remedial work but mainly aesthetics.