A holiday home or additional property

Categories: IdeasPublished On: August 15th, 2017

The Problem

How to integrate smart technology into your holiday home, second property and why it can help you

Owning a holiday home is both a blessing and a pain from when you arrive to when you have left, there are checklists of things to do, meters to read and locks to shut. All of which can be summed up in:

    • Security
    • The Environment
    • The Welcome Back
    • The Departure

The Solution


How can you simply and effectively protect your holiday home when you are not there? Nifty can help you here. Our system integration enables you to:

See what’s going on

Control who you admit, know when they arrived and when they left

Set the house lights and power to replicate visitors even when empty (subject to your environmental concerns)

The Environment

One of the worst things that can happen after a lovely holiday is forgetting to turn off the gas or the lights and having to turn round and turn them off. Or forget until you get home and then face the journey back or the decision to leave them on until you or your next guests visit.

Or it’s Winter and you want to ensure that your heating prevents your pipes bursting or plants from dying, how can you do this in a cost effective and environmental manner?

Nifty helps by:

Integrating heating control systems and gas shut off controls – allowing you to manage your heating and services from afar

Integrating temperature gauges and individual radiator controls – allowing you to actively manage your heating/cooling

The Welcome Back

We’ve all been there, arriving at your holiday home and waiting for the water to heat up, the heating to come on and the food to arrive (thanks Sainsburys.) Why not bypass this and have it all ready for your arrival.

Nifty can pull your security and your environment controls together into one simple program, that let’s in the delivery driver for one specific delivery, turns on the heating and boosts the hot water. Upon arrival, food can be eaten, baths relaxed in and the TV watched in a warm house.

The Departure

Don’t worry about anything. Nifty can do it all for you (well not the packing and the rounding up of recalcitrant


Because the Nifty platform has integrated all your functions into one platform, we can create a single command that allows you to:

  • Lock up
  • Turn all the heating, cooking and water services to ‘away’ mode
  • Turn on the security and send you any alerts you need



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