Nifty Entertainment


Manage your entire entertainment solution, from lights to music and movies


Integrate everything, set up a party routine, one press and ‘Lights, Music, Party’


Add new components, add new routines, customise it for family members


Making life easy for everyone, it’s a nifty world


Entertainment at home includes everything from lighting to music, movies and climate control. As smart items are installed, they often come with their own app (i.e Hue, Nest), Nifty pulls these all together into a single solution that updates as items are added and then updates Google home, Alex and HomeKit as required.


Start with a simple lighting solution from Hue or others and then add your Sonos, TV and Logitech Harmony remote. The Nifty brain® can integrate them all. With over 250,000 devices supported we can add pretty much anything to the network. And if the device isn’t inherently smart, we can connect to it via smart plugs.

Routines and more

With a smart home, life can be richer and more fun. The Nifty brain® can run routines that automate events. Want to watch the TV in the evening? Run the ‘TV’ routine, the Nifty brain® will dim the lights, change their colour, turn on the tv, set the heating. All you have to do is… sit.


Or, you’re having a party, so there’s a different routine, lights change colour in sync to the music, the heating is turned up. It’s movie night, press a button and the projector turns on, the screen lowers and the lights dim.


It’s the end of the night, one press and everything returns to normal for the clean up, another press and the house enters night mode.


The limit is your imagination and what your family wants.

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The Nifty brain® is designed to work with a huge amount of equipment and our engineers are experienced in integrating hardware that is not ‘smart’ into a network using other equipment (i.e. smart sockets.) What this means for your entertainment life is that even if kit you like isn’t  immediately smart, we can probably add it into the Nifty life.


It is this ability to mix and match manufacturers and our experience in runtime creation that sets us apart from ‘closed’ shop manufacturer solutions that offer a fixed solution using only their hardware.

Want help choosing and installing?