Protecting your loved ones

Categories: IdeasPublished On: January 12th, 2017

The Problem

I am concerned about my elderly parents, how can I support them without moving them into a home?

1) I want to make sure my parents are safe
2) I don’t want to put them in care

My parents want to live at home until the very end, I want to make sure that they are safe and enjoying their life with minimal intrusion and maximum dignity and fun.

I worry though:

  • Are they safe?
  • Are they breathing?
  • Have they fallen?
  • Are they warm?
  • Have they left the hob on?
  • Where are they?
  • Have they taken their medication?
  • Who has visited their house?
  • Is home help helping?

Each of these is a simple concern, easily remedied by a visit or a call but if I can’t make it, how do I ensure that all is ok? Technology can help with each of these but often at the cost of requiring you to have umpteen apps, expensive subscriptions and forcing your parents to learn complex new technology or skills.

The Solution

A platform that pulls together the right physical (door lock, gas sensors, cameras etc.) components with a software solution that enables the right people to easily support their parents and that scales as their requirements change over time.

Nifty is a device agnostic company, we discuss with our clients their immediate and possible future requirements, from there we recommend a variety of hardware components (that we can source or the client can source) that will answer their ongoing requirements. Once the platform has been set up, we can add or remove the different hardware components as needed. We take away the need to have a multitude of apps, subscriptions and services and replace them all with 1 service. Nifty.

What hardware?

  • Discrete cameras, (check in on your parents)
  • Smart Thermostats (Ensure that the temperature is correct year round)
  • Gas shutoff valves (In case of an emergency you can remotely switch off the gas)
  • Intercom & digital locks (Allow your parents to answer the door without opening it, monitor who is there, let in trusted people only)
  • Temperature/Motion sensors (have they gone out? Fallen over? Is the temperature in a room too low?)
  • Age specific assistive technologies, such as home alert, key safe and telecare systems.

What about the cost?

Care homes are costly, to find out more, check out

for the average costs in your area. But above the cost of the care, you stand to lose over 98% of an estate value to pay for it. Whilst our Nifty Care platform doesn’t replace a care  home and certainly not a high intensity carer, it will enable families to live longer in a place of their choosing as part of a package.

Care homes are costly and are often upsetting for the elderly and their family, automating their house could be a cost effective solution, keeping them closer to you for longer.



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