Truly smart automation


Use what you like, manual switches, remotes, timers, mobile or voice


Devices that work, using their own sensors and IQ to deliver their service

100% Customised

Your house, making your life simpler exactly how you want it

Not just for footballers

At least 65% cheaper than market leading home automation systems

We automate homes using the best, most feature rich and reliable devices on the market. We are brand agnostic, we help you select what’s best for you and how you live your life.

Why automate?


A home that works for you; automatically controlling your blinds, lighting, heating and other devices by being aware of the presence of people, knowing if it is day or night and what the temperature is. Automate the mundane but remain in control, able to use physical switches, mobile devices and your voice to take control at any time.


A home that understands if you are alone, with family, have popped out for the evening or are on holiday can act accordingly. Part arming alarms, simulating presence when no one is home, activating camera alerts, making sure doors are locked and that you are secure. Even telling you if something happens.


Automatically turn down the heating at night or off while away. Turn off the lights that the children leave on. Switch off unused devices at a certain time of day. Or turn on devices when you need them and have them turn off when not.


Having a Halloween party? Change the lights to create a spooky atmosphere or is it your birthday, why not change things up a bit with scenes that integrate, lighting, temperature, music and the blinds.

What’s Possible?


Having your home thinking for itself makes it more secure and easier to handle. No more wondering if you locked the door, switched the lounge light off and closed the windows when you have rushed out the house.


A scene is simply a way of combining multiple actions into one command. For instance a bedtime scene could switch off all lights, turn on the alarm, turn of the heating, close all blinds, check that the door is locked and all windows closed at the switch of a button or by a simple voice command.


Be notified if anything out of the ordinary happens such as a fire or security alarm has been triggered, the cooker has been left on, your house is flooding, someone is in your garden etc. Be able to see the status of your home and to control it while away.

Build the smart home you want

The trick with a smart home, is not doing everything that you read you can do online, it is to build the Nifty home that works for you. Start with the one thing you really want to control and grow from there. Perhaps it’s security or your lights. Once that is in place, get used to using the new features and then add something else, ensuring that what you do fits in with your life and your home not what the Product company wants to sell you. That’s what makes Nifty different, we want to enable you to have an easier, nicer life.

Want help choosing and installing?