True home automation

Categories: IdeasPublished On: May 27th, 2016

The Problem

What is Home automation?

Home automation is the process of making your house smart. There are many “smart” devices that are available but if they are not aware of each other and don’t work in unison then your house in neither smart or automated.

We will have all seen science fiction movies where this sort of thing is common place and it was thought of as being a lavish experience that only celebrities could afford.

The Solution

Our thoughts

Home automation is not a new concept as wealthy people have being using complex expensive customised products for over a decade. What is new is the idea that you no longer have to be a millionaire to afford it and not only is it cheaper it is better, simpler to use with, ironically, more complex solutions that truly allow a home to be automated. This is due to a drive from the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple and Samsung. None of these however allow integration with one another which is where we come in.

We work off an open platform, so you can be confident that if anything went wrong, your systems would still work. Using the OpenHAB platform we integrate anything from Nest, to a Z wave light control to Sonos and Alexa, giving you the choice of what you want to use rather than forcing you to use just one set of products from one company. Nifty believes in choice and freedom to express your home just the way you want it.

We use the best products that people are familiar with and get them talking we then set rules to trigger an unlimited number of events completely customised to you.

Some examples:

 Movie night

    • It’s time to Netflix and chill, calm the kids or simply chill out. Nifty can control your entire house.
      • Dim the lights
      • Change them to a mellow colour
      • Tune the temperature to your favourite level (fancy a night under a blanket? Or in a t-shirt?)
      • Lock the doors
      • Optimise your speakers
      • Turn the TV on
      • Pick the movie from Amazon prime via Alexa

Heading out for a weekend

    • It’s time to go away for a weekend city break
      • Lock the doors
      • Turn on your cameras
      • Set the lighting to come on while your away
      • Ensure the heating prevents pipes freezing
      • Kill the gas to the kitchen (just in case you forgot the oven again)

Put the children to bed

    • It’s story time and then sleep time
      • Turn the lights down
      • Set them to reading mode
      • Turn off power to their TV, PC, Xbox etc.
      • After a set period, let the lights dim, leaving one as a night light

Guests are coming over

    • There is enough stress getting everything ready, so why not automate it?
      • Turn on the radiator in their room before they arrive to bring it to temperature
      • Ensure it is cozy and ready for them
      • Set the lights to a welcoming hue and brightness
    • Bring them a cup of tea (we can’t automate that, yet..)



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