Cameras / CCTV

View remotely

Check what’s happening at home wherever you are.

Backup footage

Locally or in the cloud.

Protect your property

Deter or catch criminals in the act

Protect your loved ones

Keep an eye on frail or elderly relatives, have they fallen? Been burgled? Be notified and respond

There are hundreds of cameras available today but there are two main considerations:

1) How they are connected:


Power over ethernet

These are the most difficult to install as networking wires need to be installed from each camera all the way back to a network hub or router. If your property does not already have a wired Ethernet network then this will mean lots of cable needs to be hidden so decoration is often required. However, these cameras are the most reliable and offer the best picture quality overall.


Mains powered

These offer a wireless connection to your router but still have a power cable that needs to be plugged in so some decoration may be required. These cameras are the most popular as they usually offer cloud storage which is a simple way to backup your footage as it is automatically uploaded to the internet meaning you can view past data from anywhere using an App.

No Wires

Battery powered

These are completely wireless as they are powered by rechargeable batteries. These are simple to install so no decorating is required. However, they have to be charged every three months and offer the lowest picture quality.

2) Where is footage stored:


Footage is recorded and stored locally. The benefit here is reliability and the fact that it does not rely on internet or WiFi speeds. A drawback is that these cameras cannot be viewed remotely, you are not notified of a break in and past footage is not as simple to view as other methods.


Footage is backed up securely to an online server more commonly known as cloud backup. Footage is readily available using an App. This is usually a paid for service as uploading and storing data online costs manufactures money. Cloud package costs vary between companies and are usually defined by the amount of day’s past data that you want to store for example 7, 10 or 30 days.


Some cameras offer both solutions protecting you in the event the internet goes down or if someone breaks in and finds your recording device. This is the best choice if your internet is slow or unreliable.

Below: A selection of popular but contrasting camera options.

 Arlo ProYale SmartNestiSmartAlarm Keep Pro
ConnectionBattery (3months/charge)WiredWifi with USB powerWifi with USB power
Local StorageYes with hub
& or external hard drive
DVR, 2TBNoneSD in camera
Cloud Storage7 days free
Up to 5 cameras
No10 days
£8/m 1st camera
£4/m extra cameras
Yes free. 30x 10 second clips
Record typeMotionMotion & 24/7Motion & 24/7Motion & 24/7 via SD only
Audio2 Way1 Way2 Way2 Way
Night VisionYesYesYesYes
AppiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
Image MaskingYesYesYes but only with subscriptionYes
Remote ViewingYesYesYesYes
Maximum number of cameras58109
WeatherproofYesYesYesNo. Internal only.
Arlo Pro battery camera

Arlo Pro

For people who want to avoid any decorating and who are not concerned about low quality footage and re-charging each camera every three months.


  1. Simple to install
  2. 7 days free cloud backup
  3. Local backup options


  1. Charge every 3 months
  2. Low video quality
  3. 5 cameras maximum

Yale HD1080 CCTV

For people who already have or are happy to install a wired network in return for reliability and picture quality.


  1. High video quality
  2. Works without internet
  3. Large local storage


  1. Requires wired network
  2. Tight viewing angle
  3. No cloud backup
Nest Wifi

Nest IQ

For people who have a fast, reliable, internet connection who are happy to pay subscription costs in return for 10 day backup and advanced features.


  1. Excellent app
  2. High quality video
  3. Advanced features


  1. Requires subscription†
  2. No local backup
  3. Relies on internet connection

Costs can be raised significantly and features downgraded at the whim of the provider

iSmart alarm rotating camera

iSmartAlarm Keep Pro

For people who are looking for a diverse range of internal cameras at a fair cost with no ongoing subscription costs.


  1. Motorised rotation
  2. Good value
  3. Free video clips to the cloud


  1. App can be unreliable
  2. Internal only

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