Smart Powered Blinds

Added security

Make it less obvious that you are on holiday by automatically opening and closing your blinds while you are away.

Control your way

Control via remote, wall switch, voice, light sensor or timer.

Include within scenes

At the touch of a button or via voice command your blinds close, your lights go out and your alarm is set.


Keep kids and pets safe with no dangerously dangling cords

When choosing automated powered blinds there are two main options to consider:


Simple to install but the blinds batteries need to be charged approximately once every three months. However, most battery powered blinds come with a small solar panel which keeps them topped up (providing your window gets sunlight). There is also the possibility that they can be plugged into a socket making them powered but keep in mind we would have to hide that wire. These can be installed and configured in under an hour as decorating is not required. These are perfect for retro fits.

Mains Powered

The main benefit here is the fact that you don’t have to worry that the batteries will run out but to install we need to cut holes in walls, re-plaster and re decorate. Great if you have not decorated but not so great if you have just decorated or have wallpaper that we cannot match. As with the battery counterpart these can be controlled wirelessly using the same methods mentioned above.

Use Cases

Watching TV


As the sun sets, does it obscure your TV? Sensors can be set to automatically lower blinds to the optimum height, so your viewing isn’t ruined but nor are you cast into darkness. Co-ordinate it with your lights and they can come on as your blinds lower. Saving you money, time and effort.



Rather than have a few lights that pop on and off based on a simple timer and your curtains or blinds left permanently at half mast (because we all never actually close or open them fully when home…) Integrate your blinds into a scene that has them close as the sun goes down and open as the sun comes up (using a light sensor,) integrate them into your lighting system and you give the impression that someone really is at home.

We chat, you choose, we install, we integrate…