Cartoon of a burglar looking at a house
Stop annoying your neighbours

Remotely Arm/Disarm using your mobile. Be notified the instant your alarm is triggered.

No monitoring fees

By monitoring your home yourself along with friends and family if you wish.

Smart home integration

Arming your alarm could also simulate your presence with random changing lights while you are away.


Yes just like in home alone!

You are in control

Complete control using your mobile, a keypad or key fob.

Smart Alarms

There are two types of a burglar alarm systems in the UK: Traditional and Smart.
A third is slowly emerging…


The problem is that there are two very different ways in which to approach security:

  1. The first is to alert the neighbours and the police of a break in via a siren and a connection to the police station. The benefit of such a system is that it is reliable but if neighbours ignore the alarm and the police don’t get to your property quick enough then then they are likely to get away with your content.
  2. The second is to make it appear that a property is occupied when it is not and usually to record footage which can be used as evidence. The benefit here is that the greatest deterrent to a burglar is that they think the house is occupied however such alarms are not as reliable as their counterparts as they generally require an internet connection and in most cases, are connected wirelessly.

In the UK at least there is no such thing as a “smart alarm”, offering the reliability of a traditional system with the flexibility and intelligence of a home automation system. Alarm and Smart Hub companies are moving in the right direction but at a snails pace!


At Nifty, we talk with you about what you want and then create the smart alarm system that works best for you, incorporating the strengths of all solutions.





Optional Third-party monitoring (for significant additional cost)

Optional SMS notification (for additional cost)

External Siren &Keypad/Fob entry

Professionals needed to install



Controllable remotely via mobile

Good camera integration

Video footage backup (certain brands charge a monthly fee)

Lighting & Socket control

Automatic arming



We source alarm components based on your lifestyle and integrate them into your smarter home to create the best solution for you and your family.

At Nifty we focus on home automation so we start at “smart” and build on that. Below we have compared four alarms, each with very different offerings.


All solutions are wireless, controllable remotely using a mobile phone, manually via a keypad or fob and don’t require monthly subscriptions.

 ERA InvincibleYale Smart LivingiSmartAlarmSamsung SmartThings
Siren - ExternalYes SolarYes Battery-Yes via 3rd party
Siren - External DummyYesYes--
Siren - InternalYesYesYesYes via 3rd party
Motion DetectorsYesYesYesYes
Magnetic ContactsYesYesYesYes
Key FobYesYesYesYes
Key TagYes--Yes
Sim CardYes---
Notify Police----
Power cut protectionBattery backupBattery backupBattery backup-
Wifi cut protectionn/aAlarm will sound
No mobile notification
Alarm will sound
No mobile notification
Total devices503075300
Display of ERA alarm components

ERA Invincible

For people that don’t want to rely on an internet connection to send them notifications of a break in.


  1. Works without power or internet
  2. Key tags for simple arm/disarm
  3. Established 1838


  1. No smart home integration
  2. Limited App
  3. Requires landline or sim
Hand holding Yale alarm app in the phone with several Yale alarm components next to it

Yale Smart Living

For people who want to have a traditional alarm system but one that they can monitor themselves via an intuitive and reliable App.


  1. Great App
  2. Reliable
  3. Established 1868


  1. Limited smart home integration
  2. Poor cameras
  3. 30 device limit
iSmart alarm components


For people who want to cheaply secure their home using cameras but also would like an audible alarm to deter intruders.


  1. Fair smart home integration
  2. Many cameras to choose from
  3. Reasonable prices


  1. App crashes often
  2. Cannot attach an external siren
  3. Local storage via SD card
Smart Things alarm

Samsung SmartThings

For people who are more interested in making their house look occupied when it’s not.


  1. Good smart home integration
  2. Great App
  3. Lots of device types available


  1. Difficult setup for most people
  2. Relies on the internet
  3. No official siren or keypad

Want help choosing and need professional installation?