Smart Heating / Thermostats

Save money

Heat what you want, when you want. Monitor your spend and change your habits. Smart heating gives you the power to save money.

Smart home integration

Link your heating to your lights, to your phone, to your alarm, enabling the home to be ready for you when you want it.

Your heat, your way

It’s not about a radiator, underfloor heating or electric heater but about your comfort, the Nifty home allows you to control your comfort without spending any extra on unused heated spaces.

Complete control

Using an App, your voice, the thermostat, home or away you control it.


In the old days we would buy a radiator, a heater, insulation to heat our house to the temperature that the thermostat told us it was in a fixed location. We heated rooms we didn’t use, we wasted money, we didn’t get the temperature we wanted where we wanted and we had no flexibility or control.


With the smart home, how we heat is the opposite, technology now allows us to decide what temperature we want, in what room, by what time and to save money.
A smart heating system allows you to control what temperature you want, when you want it and where. Saving you money and time.

By installing a smart system, we can link temperature valves on individual radiators to thermostats around the house to your lights, your phone and your voice. Enabling you to have the house ready for your return, even if you are early or late. To turn it off when you go on holiday, even if you do this from the airport and finally, to lie on a couch and shout ‘turn it up’ and feel the benefits without moving from in front of your TV.

In short, the Nifty home puts money in your pocket and control in your hands..

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