The weather….

It’s turning cold and wet and while the dog seems to love getting muddy and jumping on the furniture, I’m less keen but it has given us time to play with sensors and other kit.


Today I set up a routine using:



I wanted to do a couple of things:



  1. If the temperature dropped below 5 degrees – Change certain lights to Blue briefly
  2. Turn on the heating
  3. Notify the Nifty Brain™ to notify the app
  4. If there was movement outside the garden door (the dog) – then change the sitting room lights colour


The idea here was to:


  1. Have the heating come on if the outside temperature dropped below a set temperature during the day
  2. Visually tell me how cold it was
  3. The dog likes to go out and now it is night, I cannot see her when she wants to come in, so the sensor warns me if she is ready to come back in
  4. Update the app, so I could look at that and see what was happening


While this was for fun, the movement sensor has solved a problem with the dog, especially as the with the cold weather we do not leave the doors open any more. Equally this could be for security to tell you when someone is at a door.

I like the visual lighting change, it’s fun but also useful for those who are deaf or who don’t like beeps and buzzers always going off in their home


And finally the data helps us refine the app and the Nifty brain™ to make them more efficient and useful for our users.


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