Nifty Backbone®

The Nifty backbone™ is the spinal column that all devices hang off. The beauty of the Nifty backbone™ is that we use working devices (i.e a light switch is both a switch and a vertebrae in the Nifty backbone™)to increase the strength and distance of the network. No money is wasted on connectivity only devices (i.e. laying cable just so smart devices can work together) unlike certain expensive, bespoke smart home providers.


The Nifty Brain®


This is the heart of the Nifty solution, a Raspberry Pi based device that both controls all your devices and contains all your data and reporting tools. Allowing you to control your home and analyse your use, safe in the knowledge that only you have your information. Unlike more than one or two companies out there in the wild.


The Vertebrae


These are the different devices that the Nifty brain® pulls together to create the Nifty home. We integrate the z wave and zigbee protocols in different devices to create the backbone that any device can hang off. In general the core backbone consists of z wave light controllers in switches around the house. (Insert 2 floor house image here slide 41)


From here we can expand out as we add other devices. The more devices, the larger the network, the stronger the backbone is. But, no money is wasted on network only hardware (Cabling, range extenders) ensuring that all your money delivers you tangible, visible benefits.

Ground Floor

First Floor

The Controllers



Tablet/Wall Panel

Apple/Android/Nifty Touch

Nifty mobile app featured on a tablet