Nifty Sense

What’s the point of having all this control and all these smart devices and not being able to analyse what’s going on in your house. Nifty sense™ is the output from the Nifty brain® after it has pulled all your information together and interrogated it.

What about privacy?

Neither of us like sharing our data with anyone, so we have built the Nifty Brain® the way we think other companies should design their hardware and software, with one overwhelming concern. Your data is your property. It is not for us to monetise and resell.

So the data resides on your Nifty Brain®, where the reporting system also lives. You can only access the information from your house network and all your reports are yours to do with as you wish. No pseudo data anonymisation, no data aggregation, no data sharing. Your life, your data, your privacy.


30% off Electricity


10% off Gas



1 - 2 Bedrooms

average saving per year


2 - 3 Bedrooms

average saving per year


5+ Bedrooms

average saving per year

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But more than this, Nifty Sense™ let’s you understand what each device is doing at any time. Maybe you have a fault in your system, perhaps a device comes on at night unexpectedly or maybe a device should be on all the time but isn’t. Nifty sense helps you understand everything that goes on in your electrical network. Helping you make decisions based not only on gut instinct but on thought and information.