Smart Home Integration

Sensors, Lights, action. A smart home can do so much more than a mundane one.

A smart life?

You’ve got Alexa or Google home in your house, music plays and your bored of listening to jokes and are concerned that your latest smart device is little more than an alarm clock.


You know it can integrate with hundreds of devices and do so much more, it’s not just about turning lights on or off.

We install literally thousands of products, check out some of the brands and devices here.

So how do I make ‘Smart kit’ actually Smart?

Contact us, tell us what you own and anything you want your Smart(ish) home to do. We will make it happen.


We will go a step further and make several suggestions about what the system can do with your existing technology and if you like them, we can set those up for you as well.

How much does this cost and what do I get exactly?

£285.00 (Inc. VAT)


  • Integrate your smart devices such as:
    • Alarms
    • Locks
    • Blinds
    • Lights
    • Coloured Bulbs


  • Up to 4 hours of work
  • Want to do more? We can advise on what to buy
  • Want to do it yourself in the future? We provide basic training to help you
  • 30% discount on another Smart home integration day used within 1 year

What next?

Contact us

Tell us what you own and anything you want your Smart(ish) home to do. We can then talk you through it.

Sign up

Confirm what hardware and software you own and what smart routines you would like to see.

Agree a Date

Set the date. We will come over and do the work and help you with any other questions you might have.

Post installation

Make the payment and if you want any more advice or help on anything just drop us a line or give us a bell.

To see what other’s have done, or what we like, check out the rest of the site or drop us a line and ask a question or two, we’ll always answer!