Fun in a Caravan

Categories: ProjectsPublished On: September 13th, 2018

The Problem

Time to add Nifty smarts to a caravan. We wanted to give people a cost effective, powerful solution that could deliver:

  • Security
  • Peace of mind
  • Utility management
  • Entertainment
  • Ease of use

The Solution

What did we do?

We moved into the caravan with our usual gear for adding Nifty smarts to a house. The caravan is pretty neat and situated in a beautiful spot on the Yorkshire moors, 3 bedrooms and a large sitting/dining/kitchen area.

We brought along everything we needed to upgrade a bungalow and proceeded to install it within the caravan. What we discovered was that we used the same amount of hardware in a caravan as in a 3-bedroom bungalow. Obvious really, each bedroom needs a control, there is a bathroom needing control and the only real difference was that we needed less lighting controls for the combined living space.

One addition though, was to put in a full water control valve to allow the owners to remotely turn off the water to the whole caravan when they were away.

The installation was also easier and quicker as the walls are thinner and the network can be much more powerful and oddly we had more space to fit our boxes. The biggest problem we faced was the poor internet connection provided by the caravan park. We got over this by using a 4G sim connection to the mobile network. This gave the Nifty Brain™ the connection it needed and made the owners happy as they had a much faster connection than before.

The result

Peace of mind – They can remotely turn off the water with a valve to prevent pipes bursting as well as turn on the heating and the lights for their arrival

Security – The cameras and sensors (Door/Window) allow them to remotely monitor their caravan as well as remind them if they have left something open.

Fun – They now have entertainment scenes that can run as well as multi coloured lights

Savings – The Nifty reports allow them to understand their usage and to adjust their devices accordingly.



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