The information you need

The information the Nifty Brain™ receives can be turned into reports that help save you money.


A Nifty Place: intelligent, environmental, customisable. The Nifty Brain™ learns from your life to automate the mundane and save you money.


Everything that is connected to the Nifty Brain™, be that a sensor, the fridge, temperature gauges, lamps and more.


The Nifty Brain™ takes data from the internet to make your reports rich (i.e. your utility costs) and so more useful.


We provide standard reports but over time you will need others, the Nifty Brain™ can help with those too.

What reports?

The easiest? Usage, what devices are on, for how long, we pull in your utility unit costs and show what your house, a floor, a room, a device costs to run. Or you want to see if windows are left open. The limit is your imagination.

energy consumption

Anything connected to your Nifty Brain™ will  send usage data back to the brain, from this the system can generate usage reports, integrate with your utility costs and let you know the cost of running your home. Or perhaps you want to know how long the TV is on for? Whether your fridge really is that efficient.


Temperature sensors can work with your thermostat to help you maximise your house warmth and minimise your costs but they can do more than that. Link them to the Nifty Brain™ and so to a local weather station and they can integrate weather forecasts to their work. Or perhaps warn you if a room becomes too hot, they don’t replace heat alarms but an add additional peace of mind.

light level

Light sensors are often integrated into other sensors but much like temperature ones we can do many things with them. A simple use will be to turn lights off in a room if no movement or person is detected, ideal in downstairs loo’s or bathrooms. Others can help open or close the curtains depending on the light level outside or turn on outside lights as needed.


Humidity sensors work well in places like Bathrooms, perhaps to automatically turn on/off an extractor fan. Or in a hard to reach location, we can graph humidity levels round the house and help see where problems lie.

Reports are designed to help you really understand your smart home and how you can save money, live smarter or find problems. We provide a base set but if you need more, then give us a call.