Alexa, Apple Home Kit, Google Home and the power.

Categories: ReviewsPublished On: November 30th, 2018

The Problem

What to choose? Who to choose? Everyone has their favourite and frankly at a base level they can all do the same stuff but there are definitely 2 front runners. Then once you want to do more than the basics with these assistants what happens?

The Solution

The situation

So much power, so many capabilities, so many commands, functions and skills. Where to start? Where to find them all? And above all where to find the time to integrate them all.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Alexa and Google home, Apple homekit needs a little more tlc we think to compete with either of the first two. We love these voice assistants can do so much, everything from telling you your calendar, to booking train tickets and playing music. In fact, with a lot of work and effort you can set them up to run almost anything and to make your life easier in ways most of us don’t realise.

And that’s the issue, the instruction manuals that come with them are hyper cool and emphasise how easy it is to set them up, they even consist of almost no help at all, just showing you how easy it is.

Then you want to do more and you have to go online and then you want to integrate your other devices and while Spotify seems to work easily and the alarm clock function is super cool. Setting up routines is not so easy and the time needed more than you want to spend. Suddenly what should be a time saver is just that little too much effort and so you carry on like before.

And that is the issue we faced personally and with our families and friends, the hardware is awesome, the stuff it can do incredible but it can do so much more with a lot more effort from us and our time is limited and our minds don’t all work like a technicians. So we stop, well we used to..

What to do?

In sorting out integrating doorbells and alarms and films and other sensors we pushed Alexa and Google hard. We integrated them into our networks and we learned. We found the pitfalls, we ran up against the API’s and the fact that big companies can just turn off support at the drop of a hat. We struggled on and either found other suppliers or successfully integrated Alexa and Google home into our solution.

The upside was that our houses are all the better and we are able to help others.



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