The ever-expanding world of Philips Hue

Categories: ReviewsPublished On: November 20th, 2018

The Problem

It’s not so much a problem but a light look at what Hue does

The Solution

Our thoughts

Started in 2012 with a few coloured and white LED bulbs, named the best product of the year by Forbes. Fast forward 6 years and you have another award from T3 as the best connected lighting. More importantly, they have outdoor lights, light strips, switches, remote controls, spots and more. They are, without a doubt the market leader and the best product in the market for lighting, they are also expensive..

An important disclaimer, we haven’t been paid by Philips Hue (now Signify) to write this nor do we own any shares in the business. So with that out of the way, we love the product and where the company is taking it. Sure they have had issues with security (hackers could take over the lights, see this article, in 2016, since resolved) and the costs have always been high. But their design and their focus on enhancing everything from their app. to the usability and integration with other companies has been second to none. Did you know that they integrate with Razer? Yup, you can now rig out your gaming system with Hue lights and blast away in Fortnite with the colours to match. Or use your Logitech Harmony remote to control your TV and your lights.

But it’s not just gaming, they play well with Alexa, Nest, Apple Homekit and Google home but above all (just not mentioned on their site!) they play really well with the Nifty brain.

With the introduction of their outdoor products, both strips, wall lights and garden lights there is nowhere that a Philips Hue bulb cannot go. Which means that we have a solution that can integrate beautifully with our Nifty Brain and deliver the lighting and information solution a truly smart home deserves.

Given the breadth and depth of their product range and what the lights can now do, it is probably best to head over to their site to take a look.

Did we mention the cost? It’s not cheap so another time we are going to look at products that do similar jobs for less. We like those too, they take an idea, innovate on cost and bring great functionality to more people.


While we still love Hue, we have a number of other lighting products that work very well, are a lot less and integrate directly into our network, we are not linked solely to one supplier.



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