Your home, your routine

Automating your daily routine, saving you money and giving you more time to do what you love.


It is the Nifty Brain™ that pulls all the information together from the sensors and devices to run your routines.


What you do, you live. You wake up, eat, sleep, work and more. We help you look at what you do and see how a smart home can help.


The combination of devices, timers and information that work together to automate your home and free you up.


All the devices, sensors, controllers and more that make up the hardware that go into actually making a routine work.


Routines are most easily understood with an example. The nifty brain™ can open your blinds when the sun is forecast to rise, turn on your music and light your bedroom by 15% and turn on the kettle as your ‘Morning routine’.

We have put together some examples below but the possibilities are literally infinite!

A Scene is where with a single command you create a multi device moment. Routines work well with these as they automate many events. I.e. Blinds going down with the sun. Add this to a Scene and your lights come on at the same time and the heating rises.