Your home, your theatre

Smart scenes enrich your home life in many ways, from parties to security and mimicry


The Nifty Brain™ learns from your interactions with your home, from this it can enable Scenes to be created.


Movietime and others are for fun. Say your lights dim, the curtains shut and the film launch.


The Nifty Brain™ learns your habits, it can recreate them when you are away, giving the impression you are home.


Scenes, the most visible of the Nifty Brain™ skills, integrate devices into one seamless moment.

Scenes are for more than just fun or security, they can also be about life. A routine that is triggered by the rising sun, that opens the blinds, turns the kettle on and gently lights a room is a scene. Think different, think scene.

We have put together some examples below but the possibilities are literally infinite!

A scene is built upon Routines. Routines are the set of events that create a scene, they can involve weather information from the web,  heating, lights and curtains and a kettle. The Nifty Brain™ Uses all this to build a scene.