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Becoming an Electrician

Why did I become an Electrician?


This post is going to be a wee one. I passed 4 City and Guilds exams to become a fully qualified domestic electrician in February this year. While we don’t need an electrician to do all of our installs, a lot of the Nifty backbone works best when it is installed within the electrical network of the house. It becomes hidden, discrete and out of the way while providing a robust backbone for the devices we hang off it.


How important is this skill in setting up an IoT network?


Given how important this part of the installation is to us and to the user, we felt it was critical that at least one of us had a detailed working knowledge of what it is to install the hardware within sockets and other electrical house components. The training has given me the confidence to face any wiring we see, from old and decrepit all the way through to the latest new build house and its set up. I can then do installs myself, understand any issues raised by our team and deal with any concerns raised by our clients.


This understanding means I can address directly any issues or problems that arise in an install and when I am talking with clients they can be confident that from the bottom to the top, we understand their concerns and will deliver the quality of work they demand.


On a personal note, I had to become a sparkie sooner rather than later, as my wife has a list a mile long of improvements and changes she would like to see!


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Curtis Ashworth