The client caravan from the outside

Fun in a Caravan

This week it was my turn to jump on a plane and head up North to catch up with Curtis, check out our new Business cards and record some video and for the first time ever, stay in a caravan.


First off our Business cards, check them out, shiny gold!


Looking awesome, now we just need to head out to some meetings and visit a few clients to scatter them in the wild and see what happens. I fully expect them to breed like wild.









So the caravan is pretty neat and situated in a beautiful spot on the Yorkshire moors, 3 bedrooms and a large sitting/dining area. This is our home base for the next few days. We will be filming the odd installation, product updates and whatever else takes our fancy. Ideally we will keep all of these down to only a few seconds each, ensuring that our core message gets out there.






What do we want to do?


Having bought and played with all sorts useful Smart home components for a house, we thought it was time that we smartened up a caravan. We wanted to give people a cost effective, powerful solution that could deliver:


  • Security
  • Peace of mind
  • Utility management
  • Entertainment
  • Ease of use


To anyone in the caravan and we think we’ve done it. The test will be Curtis’ parents and their friends. If it works, then we are off to a number of parks for a wee chat.

While doing the install and looking into the different products we had brought with us, we decided to create our first video shorts, ranging anywhere from 5 to 12 seconds. These feature the filming skills of Curtis, my hands and whatever product we could lay our mitts on. Then a brief comment on what it can do. You can find them in our blog and on our You tube channel (coming.)


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