It’s been a few years since we started

And in this time, we have seen slow times and fast times, hardware vendors come and go and unfortunately a few really irritating choices by massive companies.


What have we learned?


The rug can always be pulled out from under you


Not to rely on the big boys (Google, Amazon and all the rest.) When Google decided to kill WWN (Works With Nest) and force everyone to use their WWGA program we had to look long and hard about how our system works and who we wanted to work with. We can still integrate with several other Thermostat companies (Tado is our personal favourite). What we have also done though, is look at the core issue people face (how do I control my heating and hot water? And how do I integrate that into my life?)


But there is always a silver lining


So what we realised, is that our Nifty Brain™ already does all the clever thinking for you, there is no need for a massively expensive ‘smart’ thermostat when we have the Nifty brain™. Our system already integrates a multitude of sensors, from weather to room level temperature, to motion and location. In which case it is a simple matter of adding a boiler control switch into the network and suddenly you have a significantly more powerful thermostat.

A Nifty brain™ controlled thermostat can now do much more than we ever thought. All because Google decided to become significantly less open and much more closed.


That it takes time


We have been refining and working on our code, our hardware partners and what services we offer for several years now. Learning from our mistakes and slowly building a deep understanding of what works best, what OEMS are supportive and what our customers mean when they ask for one thing but possibly want another.


It has been a long journey but over the next couple of months you will see updates to our site and a new direction.


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Curtis Ashworth