Why can’t I just use a switch?

This is probably the number one question that people ask us. Generally the person most often in the house and the least interested in technology. It’s a pretty damn important question and the obvious answer is: You can.

Unless you rip out all the switches, you will always be able to use a switch to turn the lights on and off. Our system is designed to overlay and work with hardware to give you more options on how to control your house, not to limit you.


However the question is not really about that. A longer version of this question is:


Why would I spend money on this technology when a perfectly good solution exists, the light switch on the wall next to the door?


And the answer here is both complex and simple.

The Nifty Brain® saves you when you or your family are forgetful


  • Does someone always leave a light on?
  • In bed and want to turn a light on/off?


With the Nifty Brain®, you can use your voice to turn all the lights off or one specific one or if you’re in your phone, just use our app to see what lights are actually on and turn them all or selected ones, off.


What if you have a light switch in an awkward location? Normally this would mean a rewiring job, with the commensurate re-plastering and making good. Or just leaving it in place and putting up with the low level irritation. The Nifty Brain® enables you to control those lights from your phone or by voice and save you any hassle.


So you want a party, then the Nifty Brain® can control your lights and allow you to have a little more fun with your room, turning the whole lighting into part of the party.


Not something you can do with a light switch.


So the simple answer is that the Nifty Brain® takes your light switch and makes it so much more. Sure you can use a light switch but how often do you forget to turn lights off and then grumble as you have to get out of bed and go round the house turning each individual switch off? And this is just one tiny part of what a Nifty Brain® can do for you.


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