The nervous system of your smart home.

Made up of sensors & controls, pulled together by the Nifty Brain™

The nervous system of your smart home.

Made up of sensors & controls, pulled together by the Nifty Brain™


A Nifty Place: intelligent, environmental, customisable. The Nifty Brain™ automates life and saves you money.


Sitting below the Nifty™ brain is the OS that helps us integrate and control the myriad of devices in your smart home.


The hardware that physically controls devices in your home, they range from sensors to switches and plugs.


These provide information on everything from lighting, temperature, power usage, motion & more.

The system, visually

The Nifty Brain™ works with all of these components and sensors to deliver your smart home.

core components

These form the mesh network that connects the Nifty brain(tm) to your smart home


Use a switch, your voice, the app to control your lights.

touch screen

Touch screen, wall mounted or not. Giving you a striking visual of your home smarts and granular control.


The app lives on your phone/tablet putting total control in your hands. Available on iOS and Android.


With Alexa/Siri/Google integration, Nifty gives you: voice control, customised commands, freedom from a device.


Sometimes it is just easier to press a switch. Smart homes, make life easier, there should always be a switch.


Providing the raw information the Nifty Brain™ needs to make your home smart, safe and fun.

  • Energy

  • Temperature

  • Motion

  • Contact

  • Water Leak

  • Gas Leak

  • Smoke & CO2

  • Light Level

Automate the mundane, saving money, protecting you, having fun


Pull together your devices into one seamless experience. As the sun goes down, curtains close, lights come on and the heating is optimised.


Watching a movie? integrate your TV with your lights and curtains. Set the scene, settle down and enjoy

report & save

With the private data in your nifty brain(tm) you can run reports, showing usage, allowing you to manage your costs and save money.


Using cameras and sensors the Nifty Brain™ can monitor your home and create ‘presence simulation’ to keep your home secure.


Integrate cameras for added security, use them to help your pets or vulnerable people inside and outside your home.

Door Bells

A great way to help secure your home and communicate with visitors, the easiest and usually the first part of home security.


The Nifty Brain™ integrates these, so you never forget to lock your door, or reminds you that windows are open.

presence simulation

The Nifty Brain™, learns your habits so when away, you will appear like you are at home, mimicking your behaviour.