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Frustration - Man looking over his shoulder, saying 'Why?' . Here we mean why wouldn't you talk to Nifty?

This is not an existential question on the meaning of life or the reason for humanity, though clearly the only possible answer is 42 . Now we’ve put that to bed, why is Nifty here? For years, at different ends of the country, Curtis and I have installed, played with, exploded in frustration with, a huge amount of home automation gadgets and software. Some worked well, others...

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Older couple consulting with a Nifty engineer in a black top about their home and pointing to a tablet

Setting up a smart home can seem complex, what standards to follow, does it work with my boiler, how do I stop myself being filmed, how do install it in a socket?   Do these all work together or will I need to have a separate app and hub for each product?   Nifty can help with all this, saving you money, time and effort.   We offer a consulting service...

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