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Younger woman showing concern for an older one

One of the biggest questions we faced when talking with people about what we wanted to do and why we wanted to look at assisted and supported living solutions, was how do we balance enabling people to provide support with the supported person’s desire for privacy.   As we live longer lives and modern medicine can enable us to live independently, we have the chance to live...

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Frustration - Man looking over his shoulder, saying 'Why?' . Here we mean why wouldn't you talk to Nifty?

This is not an existential question on the meaning of life or the reason for humanity, though clearly the only possible answer is 42 . Now we’ve put that to bed, why is Nifty here? For years, at different ends of the country, Curtis and I have installed, played with, exploded in frustration with, a huge amount of home automation gadgets and software. Some worked well, others...

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