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Laptop and Novation and other musical technology devices

It’s more than technology   So last week my new music kit (toys, according to my wife) arrived, a Roland TR8, a Novation launch pad pro and a Novation control XL these are incredible bits of kit that allow me to create music using pretty much any instrument, sound or rhythm.   And because I can play all this over my headphones, I don’t get banished to the garage or...

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Happy child's bedroom with animals and trees stencilled on the wall and pink furniture

What were your early passions and interests?   From an early age I have loved art and technology and have been obsessed with integrating the two. I have been painting since I could hold a brush and working with computers since I got one in 1990. This led to building and selling computers in my early teens, programming in my late teens. All while studying Art &...

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