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Happy child's bedroom with animals and trees stencilled on the wall and pink furniture

What were your early passions and interests?   From an early age I have loved art and technology and have been obsessed with integrating the two. I have been painting since I could hold a brush and working with computers since I got one in 1990. This led to building and selling computers in my early teens, programming in my late teens. All while studying Art &...

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internet of things - Where Nifty is

What are your 3 favourite things in IoT?   Can I pick 3 things in a moment, because I think the the greatest thing about the IoT is that we can combine so many different sensors and kit into one seamless experience that allows anything and everything to be controlled in any way anyone sees fit.   But that’s cheating, so the 3 things in IoT that I love...

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Younger woman showing concern for an older one

One of the biggest questions we faced when talking with people about what we wanted to do and why we wanted to look at assisted and supported living solutions, was how do we balance enabling people to provide support with the supported person’s desire for privacy.   As we live longer lives and modern medicine can enable us to live independently, we have the chance to live...

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