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Laptop and Novation and other musical technology devices

It’s more than technology   So last week my new music kit (toys, according to my wife) arrived, a Roland TR8, a Novation launch pad pro and a Novation control XL these are incredible bits of kit that allow me to create music using pretty much any instrument, sound or rhythm.   And because I can play all this over my headphones, I don’t get banished to the garage or...

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internet of things - Where Nifty is

What are your 3 favourite things in IoT?   Can I pick 3 things in a moment, because I think the the greatest thing about the IoT is that we can combine so many different sensors and kit into one seamless experience that allows anything and everything to be controlled in any way anyone sees fit.   But that’s cheating, so the 3 things in IoT that I love...

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Footballers represented by Football with a red line through it

Sure if you want a Crestron, Control4 or Savant system, then you had better be prepared to pay for it, perhaps not a footballer but certainly not for most us. And that’s good, these guys have led the way for years, creating bespoke, high priced, closed systems for those who can afford it. But like all technology, along came companies who saw high priced, bespoke...

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