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A mix of modern and very old phones

One of the issues we've seen recently are companies making products obsolete before their time. This has been driven by ¬†much of what we buy now is no longer standalone hardware but connected to the web or to an app enabling companies to provide paid for services. Encouraging them to pull you into a continuous upgrade cycle and to obsolete their products faster.   What can also...

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Line and Point drawing of a human running, sensation of speed given by the lines and style.

Like the human body, the backbone of your house network is one of the most critical parts of your house. It enables everything to talk with each other, lights to come on at the correct time, locks to unlock and to be there when you want to add something new. A badly installed or one that is too small for the house and your requirements,...

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Older couple consulting with a Nifty engineer in a black top about their home and pointing to a tablet

Setting up a smart home can seem complex, what standards to follow, does it work with my boiler, how do I stop myself being filmed, how do install it in a socket?   Do these all work together or will I need to have a separate app and hub for each product?   Nifty can help with all this, saving you money, time and effort.   We offer a consulting service...

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